Book Review8: ‘Her Dark Lord’ – Author is Jen YatesNZ. Genre – Regency Romantica.

*****Five Stars from me

Ajax Beresford aka Lord Knightsborough unexpectedly finds the one woman that has the power to do just that. And she does so without artifice; never having been tutored in the art of wooing a man, Penny (recently widowed Lady Grantwood) has no idea that ‘being herself’…is exactly what Ajax didn’t know he needed. What’s more important, he wasn’t looking for it either. In fact, he’s jaded where women are concerned. He’s older. He’s reclusive. And even a bit grumpy so his friends and cousins think. But once Ajax sets eyes on the Lady who is dressed as a young man (for reasons of subterfuge) and that she packs some serious attitude, along with her derringers known affectionately as ‘little barkers’ (lady-guns that are tucked into specially sewn-in pockets of all her clothing items) he’s smitten. All his protective instincts are roused. And then keeping her safe becomes his excuse for keeping her close… without giving any more away we have one very independent Lady who has no need of a man in her life; her recent accidental widowhood from a man that never made love to her, gives her the opportunity to be in charge of her own life and damn if anyone is going to keep her from doing just that! There is intrigue. There is family deception to be discovered for Penny. There are family secrets to be shared for both Ajax and Penny and there is a HEA.  A great way to finish up the series for the Lords of the Matrix Club – Book 4 – and it’s founder.

I recently posted a review of ‘Her Dark Lord’ for Amazon on their site only to find that I’m no longer a suitable reviewer for this author’s work and the review was not ‘officially’ posted. Goodness me. That was a shock. Yes – I have read this author’s work before, yes we are ‘friends on Twitter’, yes I have written favourable reviews of her work in the past. But here’s the thing – if I didn’t enjoy it – I wouldn’t write any reviews. Yes – we both also happen to belong RWNZ; so I’m also very grateful to say we’re friends in real life too. I don’t generally read Regency Romance. However, because Jen YatesNZ writes complex characters who have flaws, who aren’t always PC, and often with deep psychological issues – I read her work. And lastly, but by no means least, there are often very sensual/erotic love scenes within her stories too. All of which make for a jolly fine read in my view. Friend of mine? Yes. She. Is. And I’m happy to own that!

Just so we’re clear; if you like your Regency Romances sweet and innocent then please don’t read Jen’s work. If you do, then all your senses will be in a riot. Your idea of what is right and proper will have gone to hell in a hand-basket and finally the level of sensuality will leave your system in an uproar!





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