Book Review7: ‘Lutapolii – White Dragon of the South’ – Author is Deryn Pittar.

*****Very Definitely Five Stars from me!

What on earth can any reader say? All the other reviewers are saying exactly the same thing as me; I LOVED THIS STORY TOO! And that hardly seems enough! It’s visual. It’s transporting. It’s so imaginative. It made me relive the fantasy fairy-tales told to me as a child or read when I got older. I’d love to see Lutapolii in his own movie and I truly hope that one day that happens. Lutapolii and his adventures as he grows from being a puny dragon who feels unloved by his mother, becomes a dragon with much integrity, compassion and a deep sense of what is right and what is not. Luta’s no push-over. He learns to fish and fight. He learns to love; and along with his lovely ladies (each a beautiful dragoness in her own right) Lutapolii’s story is full of challenges, love, jealous bullies, lessons, triumphs and emotional and spiritual growth. This story is full of magic. And there are morals that resonate deeply; sustainability of our rich sea bounty for one, being kind and considerate to others, but fighting to the death if needs be; for the love of family and safety must always comes first.

This was a wonderful adventure! Thank you Deryn Pittar.



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