Book Review6: ‘White Roses in Winter’ – Author is Barbara Meyers.

*****Five Star Review from me.

‘White Roses in Winter’ is definitely a romance in my view; but it comes with much more grit and reality than your average romance genre read. There is suspense. There is action.

There are real character flaws and traits that any reader will relate to or maybe even have had experience with? You will feel empathy for the all the characters and understand why they act as they do. I really enjoyed how the author ‘showed’ the behaviour of the three lead characters in this story; not just giving you the inside track on the two main characters, Jason Pendell and Kerrie Huddleston’s thoughts, but also the ultimate arch rival’s too. Tiffany Preston wants Jason to focus his attention and affections on her. And what she wants she gets. Jason knows precisely what sort of person she is; and she’s someone he doesn’t wish to be around. Jason’s a young guy who is good looking, knows what he wants in life and he’s working hard to achieve that; he lives in a low rent district making just enough money to cover his study and rent and not much else. And he has walled himself off to emotional entanglements. When he first sees Kerrie Huddleston he’s drawn to her innate goodness; but her natural beauty and innocence shines as a reinforcing warning to him. She isn’t for the likes of him. He isn’t good enough for her. He wants to be but knows that it’s unlikely to happen. But he wants her all the same. For Kerrie, she instinctively knows that Jason is someone she could love for her entire life; finding out she is pregnant, after protection fails, becomes a defining moment in her life. And the manipulative actions of her parents has her standing up to take on the responsibility. Much to her parents horror. The backstory of Kerrie’s overly protective and controlling parents, particularly her father, is quite believable. You will have empathy for her mother and her father, too, by the end of the story.

This is also a story about how jealousy and anger can turn into psychotic behaviour over a period of time; Tiffany has been Kerrie’s BFF since they were little girls. Both living and growing up in close proximity to each other and within family groups of affluence and prestige. This is also a story about a girl who has been neglected by her rich parents and given everything money can buy, including her way to escape the lack of love and real unity that her family doesn’t provide; she sees Kerrie as perfect, with perfect parents who dote on her and love her. And this continues to build into what, in the end, becomes the catalyst for the final heart-pounding scenes of the story.

An excellent read in my view.




2 thoughts on “Book Review6: ‘White Roses in Winter’ – Author is Barbara Meyers.

  1. Gaylene, Thanks for the review. I feel like you “got” the story I was trying to get across. That means a lot to me. Sometimes I read reviews of my books and wonder if I conveyed what I meant to convey clearly enough. I appreciate you! 🙂

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