Book Review5: CAT’S PAW (Veritas Book 1) Romantic Suspense – Author is Chandler Steele


This was one pacy ‘hot n heavy’ read! If you like your romantic suspense with lots of action, a kick arse heroine and a stunningly gorgeous hero then this is the book for you! Morgan and Alex both have deep emotional wounds; trust issues and a job to do. Set in and around New Orleans gives this book wonderful flavour. Morgan & Alex get their well deserved HEA; and some seriously hot sex scenes along the way to finding that they can learn to trust again; and love. There are excellent secondary characters; Miri (Alex’s sister) and Neil (Iceman) MacFayden – OMG this dude is one seriously hot ex navy seal turned bodyguard for Miri in Cat’s Paw; and somehow I’m sincerely hoping Miri & Neil will get their own book? I know Ms Steele is a very busy busy author… perhaps her publicist could ghost-write this one?




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