Book Review4: Defiant Queen – Author is Meghan March.

*****5 Stars for this one!

Over 200 reviews previously written and they say absolutely everything there is to say… and the book has only been available for 2 days people! Defiant Queen is way better than 5*****. Some of us may have thought the Fifty Shades series was only about sex? It wasn’t. But they pale in comparison to this new MOUNT TRILOGY from Meghan March; not only has she given us so much more than smokin hot sex scenes packed with emotional punch… she’s also given us what we didn’t even know we wanted….RUTHLESS KING, DEFIANT QUEEN & SINFUL EMPIRE are the stories of Lachlan Mount and Keira Kilgore’s journey to their own HEA (I’m hoping). And DQ didn’t disappoint… the tension is building…the stakes have been raised…emotions are in play now. Big time. DQ hits every emotional trigger you could possibly imagine; and then some. I devoured DQ in one sitting. SINFUL EMPIRE was pre-ordered back in October and is the last story in the Mount Trilogy….December 19th is such a long long long way away…..Happy Christmas to me!



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