Book Review2: Being You, Changing the World. Author Dr Dain Heer.

*****This was a Five Star ‘Life Altering’ read for me!

I found Dr. Dain Heer’s book to be ‘thought and action’ provoking. Being You, Changing The World, came to me right at a time when I was already thinking about making some significant changes in my life and relationships. And because I’d thought that, ‘my need for change’ was already out there in the ethers; but thinking about making changes requires some direction and advice to help action it. But at least I was mentally ready for it. Synchronisity was working for me, and I caught the tail-end of an interview Dr Dain was giving to the New Zealand ‘Goodmorning’ talk show hostess, on April 19th 2013. I immediately got on to Amazon and downloaded the book to my Kindle. Then I devoured it!

Having the courage to ‘live in your truth’ is not easy. Other peoples wishes and ideas often infiltrate and sway us off our own thinking and path. Being yourself takes the greatest courage of all; cos what if those around us decide they don’t like us anymore? Are we willing to make that sacrifice? The first person that has to like or love you, is YOU. And however you go about finding out how to do that is up to YOU! If you’re ready to read what Dr Dain Heer has to say, you’ll just ‘know’ that its right to buy it. He says in his book ‘if something is right for you’ then it feels ‘light’. And if something is not right then it feels ‘heavy’. Try that; just relax and let yourself ‘feel’ which it is while you decide if ‘Being You, Changing The World’ is the book for you for right now too!



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