Book Review1: The Earl of Windermere Takes A Wife – Jen YatesNZ is the author.

*****Five Star Read from me.

Thank you to Jen Yates for another stand-out read! This is not your average ‘Regency romp’ folks but it is definitely a HEA regency romance. It’s also a book that deals with some complex emotional, psychological and physical issues. What can I say…..The Earl of Windermere is a deeply flawed man; stunningly gorgeous to look at, accomplished in so many areas, inherently good in his heart, and with high personal honour to uphold…. but there is a shadow-side to the Earl which he hides deeply within his psyche; being initiated into sex as a young man by an older woman sounds like every budding regency rake’s idea of heaven, right? Wrong. For Rogan it’s a living hell. How he overcomes the devastation and darkness of that earlier abuse makes for an intense and compelling read. Make no mistake this man is very definitely a ‘swoon worthy’ hero. And his heroine, Jassie, is equally up to the challenge of earning his trust and claiming his heart and soul; and eventually, his body and his love.This story is not for the faint-hearted reader. It deals with some ‘not talked about in polite society’ sexual issues; which still holds true even by today’s standards for some. The intimate scenes are graphic. There is also a whole cast of wonderful characters…..including the Duke of Wolverton….aka Dominic…..and Rogan’s closest male friend….. also the man that loved and offered for Jassie twice….how the author weaves a believable ménage-a-trois into the end of this story…. well…. you’ll just have to read it for yourself to find out! And I can barely conceal my excitement…. because the Duke’s story is coming next…..

This is Book 1 – from the ‘Lords of the Matrix Club’ series. The entire series is now complete. And I will post reviews here for Book 2, 3 & 4 as they come to hand. If you love your regency romances with a deep thread of dark psychology and sex scenes that will leave you breathless, for many reasons, then Jen YatesNZ is the author for you! If you like your regency reading ‘sweet and simple’ without the spicy details & dark psychology of the realistic, but often deeply flawed characters, then definitely do not read this series; your sensibilities will never recover!



3 thoughts on “Book Review1: The Earl of Windermere Takes A Wife – Jen YatesNZ is the author.

  1. I’ve decided posting book reviews on my blog could be the ‘go’ for me! Am excited that my TweetPeeps will see what I like to read and what I think about those books! And it’s flexing my writing muscles! Which is always a good thing.


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