Tis the season to be…

Jolly? Merry? Miserable? Picky? Ungrateful? Or very grateful? The choice is ours!

Here we are twenty days out till Christmas Eve in NZ! Oh my goodness…REALLY? I feel like I’ve just surfaced and am fully ‘compos-mentis’ to what month it is…or in my case I think it’s more ‘compass-mentis’… going in the right direction and possibly semi-sane? I hope so; us ‘creatives’ are a different breed (and we know it, don’t we?)

For most of November I hid away in my office writing like a woman possessed – it was Nanowrimo17. And I’m chuffed to report that I got over my required 50k word count for the first draft goal and now I’ve got a new m/s to play with over the next couple of months. Started work on the 2nd draft… But back to being ‘compass-mentis’

Yesterday it really sunk into my head that I’ve got NO Christmas cake baked, none of my usual fare including homemade mincemeat tarts or shortbread in the freezer; nothing ready for random pre-Christmas guests (which we had yesterday and all I had was 2 tea bags and a jar of coffee – cos I don’t drink so much of it anymore). Only slightly exaggerating the state of the pantry offerings. But truthfully, there is now very little in the pantry or freezer cos we cleaned them out in November (I did no shopping cos I was too damn busy writing); what we do have are family guests expected on two different dates (cos they’re from OH’s side on one day and mine on the other) should we not have gone crazeee and invited everyone for one big shindig? OMG, NO!!! What a mad-mix that would’ve been. Funny as all hell though… but NO!

So, after yesterday’s ‘2 tea bag incident’, this morning I was up early and planning to get into the supermarket and do the shopping by 7-30 a.m. (ours opens then). OH went off to work just before 7-00 a.m. and I just had to jump thru the shower and into the car and down to the soupy…with my LONG shopping list… and then you guessed it the planets aligned and said ‘NOPE, NOT THIS MORNING YOU WON’T BE DOIN THAT, HONEYBEE!’

Why not? Cos we’re going to give you a major power outage. What would a writer do? Handwrite? Nope. Takes too damn long. Read? Yep – did that. Sudoku? Yep – did that. Shower? Nope couldn’t do that (no water because we have a water pump powered by electricity). Just throw on some clothes and jam a hat on my head and go anyway…NOPE… car stuck in garage behind electrically powered door and I didn’t know where to flip the switch so I could raise it manually. Do now though. Fortunately some of the electrics in the house have now been restored. But you guessed it – nothing to the water pump. So here I sit – dressed ‘but not fresh as a daisy’ my hair looks like nothing on earth and I have resorted to wearing a cap…cos even I can’t stand the look of it.

The local power company heroes (bless them – cos they do an amazing job out in all the dreadful stormy weathers); are here now looking at the pump and it’s sweltering hot.

I’ll try again tomorrow for the shopping and such…no point in getting twisted into a knot about it. Chill out. Relax. At least the internet is back on and I can write…grateful for that.

And as for the Christmas family gatherings; I plan to keep them simple and low-key; BBQ’d meats, salads, fresh buns, some in season fresh fruits (we have so many delicious choices; blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries) served with cream, yogurt or ice-cream and a homemade trifle/tiramisu…nothing too onerous for me these days. The baking? Still hope to make a cake…

But I digress… The point of my blog today is;

I used to buy into all the Christmas hoopla and hype & yes FAMILY STRESS around gift giving and such. I no longer do. Whether you’re with family, friends or it’s just you and your significant other; be ‘real and present’ to what and where you are and to those around you. Maybe even try turning off all those mobile devices? Give your time and energy to those that are ‘present’. It’s the best gift you can give anyone at Christmas; your solid undivided attention.




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