Choices in Life…(Part 3)

My ankle surgery ‘recovery process’ is going amazingly well. So grateful for the repair that will enable me to get back to walking with real purpose and ‘a spring in my step’ again, playing some golf; I’ll be out of the moonboot and off the crutches by the end of this month. It’ll be all ‘GO-GO-GO’ then! Thankfully my brain seems to have ‘come back to it’s normal level of balance and calm’. Even though I did some crazy on-line purchasing in the first few days of being home from hospital. Anaesthetics seem to do something to my rational thinking patterns… you may remember I thought I’d ordered some miracle face-cream (along with other stuff) that was going to be like a ‘mini-facelift in a jar’? I couldn’t remember if I’d ordered something or not, as I couldn’t find the site again… turns out I DID order some ‘miracle face-cream’; it arrived in the post from Australia last week. I’ll let you know when I look even younger than my soon-to-be 58 years; when I, again, look like a fresh faced teenager who is thru the worst of her hormonal skin break-outs (mine were seriously ugly), and maybe I’ll post a new photo…or maybe not?

All jokes aside, I do feel more inspired and ready to tackle ‘new things’;  writing projects, completing my MBB healing therapy registration process, some road trips around NZ are on the agenda, looking at things with fresh eyes and just basically ‘getting on with living this blessed life’; for which I’m so, so, grateful. Fortunately for me I have an amazing group of friends who mostly happen to be writers or are special people with love and empathy for our world; they all have a myriad of understandings/teachings of their own and we learn so much from each other. ‘Live and Let Live’ being one force that governs our direction and life-path.

Talking about ‘govern’ we’re in the midst of ‘a change of political power’ within our own glorious NZ. Whatever the outcome of the Winston Peters decision (he and his party have to choose to work with the National Party or the Labour Party) come October 12/13th; and we will continue to love, work, eat, sleep, pray, pay our dues (taxes and emotional dues too) and go about our normal daily lives and business. We will adjust. We will do it beautifully. The balanced sane majority of us will anyway; cos that’s what we do.

You can also be sure about one other thing too; there’s always going to be disgruntled, negative and unhappy souls – no matter what day of the week it is. Never mind what’s happening within a country, a city, or a small rural town. And it’s our choice to ‘buy’ or ‘feed’ into their general unhappiness; OR NOT?

I, choose, NOT.

And, I do that by stepping away from those people that are continually ‘moaning and groaning’ and who are eternally ungrateful for anything and everything that has ever been done to them or for them. What some folks haven’t figured out yet is – that we’re all on the right life path – just some of us choose not to manage that very well; we don’t listen to our gut, we constantly betray ourselves by putting up with crap and accepting situations that are not good for us. And we all know what they are. While I have walked away from some people and situations, ‘said enough, no more’ because it was time to, I  still have a way to go making life choices, too.





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