Forced to ‘put my foot up’! So, maybe it’s a time to reflect and re-evaluate? Or have some fun and spend some $$$ – you decide. (Life-Choices Part 2)

Currently, I’m on ‘lounge-house arrest’ unless my darling OH takes me out for a jaunt, which I can gratefully say, he has done, a couple of times; I’m recovering from an ankle repair surgery 12 days ago. No driving for up to 6 weeks! OMG… anyway, I’ll cope.

However, for some reason my brain seems to have gone a bit dyslexic when it comes to doing some things, including using the crutches… but thankfully things seem to be improving daily (wondering if that has anything to do with general anaesthetic? More than likely it does).

Yes – we’ve had random visitors; my incredible ‘almost-78-year-old-Ma’ came early on and stayed for a couple of nights, cooked up a storm and cleaned the place from top to bottom, then she had to go (to be fair I insisted she go, she’s got a great life too…) and the golf course was calling to her…and me too.

There have been phone calls and text messages; all in all I’m feeling very grateful, loved and nurtured.

I’ve enjoyed the jaunts/odd change of scenery; most recently a trip to the local recycling station on Sunday, where ‘the-happiest-woman-in-the-world’ works in the ‘weigh & pay’ toll booth (Lovey) and she’s a darling, spreading kindness and smiles to everyone. Then we were off to the supermarket car-park where ‘I stayed put’ and watched people come and go, caught snippets of conversations, saw hugs of greeting, and a vast range of people going about their Sunday afternoon supermarket business… and when I wasn’t people watching and ‘imaging what their life-stories might be’ I did Sudoku (short snaps of concentration on the alignment of a sequence of numbers – which I love). An hour later OH emerged; he’d shopped and chatted his way around (and there were a few random and interesting conversations by all accounts) the grocery isles arriving back with everything on the list and nothing xtra… so I’m thinking maybe he’d consider doing it all the time? Joking. His comment was, could I please write the list in a more cohesive manner? WTF? Is he serious? Apparently he was. He was up and down the isles and all over the place cos he followed the list in order of the way it was written. Bless him! Love him dearly! But even I have no idea where things are…how could I write a list to match what is in the isles in order of their appearance… I think writing a novel/short story/poem/or even an obituary, would be far more exciting than that!

Then a bit later we went out for a meal to one of our favourite places; I think he really needed a night off the meal prep and clean up? His kitchen-skills are basic; simple no fuss meals which suits us just fine. I’d got the freezer stocked up when I was able-bodied and there have been other yummy contributions from family and visitors. Sunday was his only day-off (his day job’s been keeping him xtra busy – but he’s been leaving me well cared for with a packed picnic lunch & thermos beside my chair in the ‘lounge-room’.) All I have to do is make a ‘dyslexic crutch walk to the lou’ from time to time. Life is pretty good really.

‘But’ and you knew there’d be a ‘but’ – the housekeeping is another thing! I must be getting better when I start to notice dust or that the vacuuming should be done, or that the kitchen benches needs a tidy and good hot-wash and wipe down. ‘BUT’ in the big scheme of things does that really matter? Nope! Not a lot. And I’ll sort it in no time flat as soon as I can.

Anyway, while I’ve been ‘on a forced go-slow’ I’ve had time to reflect and re-evaluate my life plan going forward. And spend some ‘squirreled away’ money… who knew an ipad would become my best friend?

Supposedly, I’ve got my leg-up (RICE – rest, ice, compression (which it has all the time – plaster and bandaging) & elevation. And a bit of ‘leg-over’ wouldn’t go amiss..! Must be feeling better… but you can see where an idle mind goes…

This morning I’ve escaped into my office to see if my brain can sustain some writing time? A novel idea without a doubt! And doing a post for my blog feels like writing to me? At least my ‘butt’ is in the chair where it needs to be ‘to write’! Good start.

So grateful to have had contact with the SM-Mavens (TweePs mostly)… some new ‘follows’ thanks for those; I’ve posted up more tweets & photos than usual and generally kept myself occupied for short snaps of time; which is why I love Twitter, short and sweet or sassy or whatever…

But here come the confessions (you knew there would be some, right?) I’ve done some good-random-crazy-cool stuff on-line (like order products – some we needed, some I’m not so sure about)? When you’ve got ‘time’ on your hands and your brain is only semi functioning perhaps you push the ‘buy’ option more times than is absolutely really necessary? Let me see; a new vacuum cleaner (which I can’t use yet and I think we needed it?) a new kitchen whizz (same goes and it’s still in the box and delivery wrapping sitting on the floor of the pantry), some skin care products that the stunning Delta Goodrem is endorsing for some supermodel whose name I cannot remember at this moment… and I’m going to look about 12 years old by the time I’ve finished up the jar of goop…(I think this was my crazy purchase),  2 jackets from OOshLaLa and a top (no regrets here – they’re gorgeous) Suzi Johnson is a star and real Kiwi super-woman too and OOshLaLa is her business-baby!

And you guessed it people… countless books downloaded to my Kindle, some free, some significant $$$ paid out for; new authors, new genre styles to read…all in all this convalescence has been a pretty fun ride so far!





3 thoughts on “Forced to ‘put my foot up’! So, maybe it’s a time to reflect and re-evaluate? Or have some fun and spend some $$$ – you decide. (Life-Choices Part 2)

  1. It sounds as if you’re having a grand convalescence.Loved and loving people around to help, laughter and time to read, write and reflect. You are probably right about the anesthetics – I’ve heard they can stay in your system for a long time. But healing is happening and you’ll soon be back on both feet – with some cool new threads to boot (or moon boot?).

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    1. I’m doing fabulous! Moon-boot 2mrw. Been working on some ‘higher self-healing’ stuff over the last few days; read as ‘getting in-touch with my intuitive-sensitive side’ and who I really am at my core; and that I don’t need to worry or fuss cos the ‘right path’ has already opened up for me…which I do feel has happened since we’ve moved here. So all good! Hope you’re writing/reading work is going well too?


      1. Yes, perhaps the move freed you up somehow and coincided with a time when you were very open to embracing a new environment and letting the old in its various shapes and forms, slip away. I’m just glad you’re happy. As usual my writing’s a bit spasmodic but I’m enjoying what I’m achieving. And I always love reading – magazines, books, junk mail – the lot!

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