2017 SPRING – a new ‘season’ begins…

Today is the official 1st day of spring here in NZ. But to me it feels like spring sprang already! My spring bulbs began flowering about 3 weeks ago…the days are warmer and longer, the sunsets gorgeous…and the bees are around gathering pollen for their hives; ‘food’ that’s what spring means for bees… lots of yummy food!

But what does spring or a new season mean for me; the writer, the healer, the wife, the friend (not in any particular order you understand)? And what does it mean for you? Are we all re-evaluating our options/life-goal/s and their directions? Are we spring-cleaning our minds as well as our environment? There has been some of that for me, but as one teacher once said on my English report card (about 45 years ago); more effort required!

Currently, I feel as if I’ve got a valid excuse for my lack of physical effort. I’ve got some surgery pending. Not life threatening. Well one hopes not. Having a general anaesthetic always comes with certain risks. And unfortunately, I’m one of those people that vomit their guts out afterwards for anything up to 36 hours. Nothing like a good upchuck!

The surgery is for an ankle injury sustained almost 6 years ago; what was I doing? I was making cheese of all things. And while moving too fast across wet decking, carrying cheese making supplies into the house, I slipped over. To cut a damn long and painful story short I went back to the town I’d just come from to get the cheese making supplies (45 km away) and went to the ER department of the hospital. Only to be told there was basically nothing wrong with me. Only a sprain. And off you go, lady!

As it turned out there was a lot wrong. But it took 8 weeks to diagnose and by then it was too late to do much with it. Life was never the same. And needless to say I’ve never made cheese again!

Gradually over the next few years my mobility became more and more compromised. Until I reached the point about 18 months ago;  a hip surgery was required (I never realised that my hip was damaged when I had the original accident) and now I’m undertaking a repair on my ankle. I’m hoping for a straight forward procedure and an easy recovery.

What have I missed most in the last 6 years? Playing golf once or twice a week and regular walking at a cracking pace.

What am I looking forward to most? That’s so easy; I’m looking forward to getting the ‘spring’ back in my step!










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