Is Gerard Butler (GB) true hero material? You decide.

A quick look at what’s trending on the news feed items this morning and I saw an article on GB’s recent split from his girlfriend of 3 years; which some reporters have termed an ‘on-again off-again’ relationship. Now, I’ll willingly admit that I’ve been a fan of GB’s movies for sometime; the romantic comedy stuff mostly. Cos he does ironic pretty damn well. And what’s not to like; let’s face it, he’s not hard to look at! Especially when he’s rocking that ‘sexy-scruff-in-the-suit’ look, or the casual look… His movie roles have been a mix of romantic comedy, action/adventure and then there’s the raw hard hitting stuff. So, yeah, currently he’s got an impressive 20 year ‘body of work’ out there. He’s committed to his career for sure. He’s committed to entertaining folks. And no doubt he’s committed to making money and his future secure in a financial sense. As we all are.

But what’s really going on inside his head? The article below indicates that ‘he can’t commit’ to one woman ‘in his real life’, but that he loves Morgan Brown. We all know there are many different types of ‘love’. I’d ‘love’ to go into deep pov on his behalf; what’s made him like this? What in his early development has given him this ‘personal relationship with one woman commitment phobia’?

Or is there something else? I do believe there is. Absolutely I think he can commit and does; look at the movie roles he’s completed. That’s gotta take dedication, motivation (ah, hello – that sounds a lot like commitment right there) and all that other good stuff that keeps you in the frame and watching, right? Regards his personal life, well that’s his business and not anyone else’s in my view anyway. And has anyone considered that ‘there just ain’t enough left in the GB tank’ for a personal relationship? Now isn’t that a ‘novel’ thought?


2 thoughts on “Is Gerard Butler (GB) true hero material? You decide.

  1. Hmmm interesting – I didn’t know anything about Gerald Butler until you wrote this. I LOVE a man who can love one woman and hold it forever! That takes courage and commitment – if he can love his Morgan Brown even if she has left him?? not sure – then he has more than the other 90% of those who run when it isn’t suiting them in love. I’ll check him out now – thanks for sharing. 🙂


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