(In the year 2000 I entered this original poem into the NZ Poetry Society’s annual ‘international competition’ and they published a selection of the poems and haiku entered. ‘The Whole Wide World’ 2000 – ISBN 0-9598009-6-4)



in the corner

curled, crunched almost into a ball

knees drawn up firmly under chin

head bent in defeat



“he said it was okay-but don’t tell ya mother”

head lifted slightly to see reaction

“mum hates me-says I’m a liar

you believe me don’t you?”



childlike innocence long gone from face

now looking for something-anything

approval of the truth

“what’ll happen now I’ve told?”



tears trickle silently

eyes squeezed shut

arms wrapped to hugging knees

the ball is now complete


Gaylene May Atkins


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