The road to self-publishing success is an interesting one that’s for sure! All it takes is a ‘mind-shift’. And I do believe I’m getting there folks! This morning I completed Chandler Bolt’s free online webinar. I came upon it randomly. However, we all know that nothing in this life IS ‘random’… you do know that, right? I was within a 15 minute time-frame of it starting. So I followed the links and clicked thru and went for it. And I don’t for a second regret spending the time – not at all. I got several pages of notes. It was fast paced. Inspiring. And there was cool interaction on a comment side-bar with people from all around the world. That’s what amazed me; we were all watching this young man in our own time-zone; technology is SO amazing. And us writers/creatives of any genre can make it all work for us. Just gotta learn a few new skills and play with the tools on offer.


Primarily the webinar was a bit about ‘Chandler’s story’ and how the self-publishing journey was for him and more importantly – what his self-publishing school can offer us ‘do it for yourself writers’ – of all genres. Today’s webinar was relating mostly to non-fiction writers. But I know the skill sets offered will work perfectly for fiction writers as well. This young man has done things his way… and admits that being a ‘high school drop-out’ made him learn about life and making money from another perspective. And then he wrote about it… And then he sold his books… Chandler Bolt is a self-made millionaire. His story is inspiring.





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