For your reading pleasure…’SECRETARY’S REVENGE’ ©Gaylene M. Atkins – (Part 1 of a short story… given to you in 1000 word bites approx – total words 3138)

“Just what the hell have you got to say for yourself?” As partner and equal shareholder in Morris & Winstone Advertisements Inc. William Winstone felt he had a right to know.

Loosening the tie that threatened to choke him, he jerked it sideways, whipped if off and threw it on the desk. Slumping further into the brown leather chair he ruffled his usually immaculate ‘businessman’s executive hairstyle’ with both hands before coolly eyeing the woman again. “Well?”

Concealing his emotions from her wasn’t always easy, especially when she’d made him want to laugh right out loud at this latest idea.

“Not a lot really.” In reality Meg Tyler, secretary to Mr William James Winstone, had plenty to say. But after what he’d termed ‘that fiasco of a board meeting’ maybe she should keep her thoughts to herself? Was that even possible? Not likely. ‘Billy’, as she secretly called him, was giving her one of his glacial stares; a stare that was supposed to subdue her and have her blabbering excuses in two seconds flat. It didn’t. All she wanted to do was laugh at him… then kiss him senseless. But she’d wait for just the right moment to do that.

He tried again, “Can you please explain to me why an intelligent, witty – not to mention usually attractive thirty-something woman, would wear a dinosaur suit to the first executive board meeting of the New Year?”

“I thought the starched shirts needed a laugh.”

“Well you made me look like…”

“Like what? A dinosaur with out-dated ideas?” Meg had had enough of working for a man who didn’t laugh at work. This was it – the end of a wonderful working relationship. Well that’s if you called her ideas and his taking the credit for them, a wonderful working relationship. She unzipped the dinosaur suit and wriggled out of it as best she could. “What didn’t you like exactly? My presentation was flawless – innovative and catchy even. Didn’t you want to laugh at least once?”

“I have my position to think about. What do you think you’re doing? Stop that. Someone might see you.”

“I’ll give you a position. And I don’t care two figs if someone does see me. I’m quitting. I’ve had enough of this humourless working existence.”

“You can’t quit. I need you.” Raking tanned hands through dark hair again, he wondered how long it would be before someone walked past the glassed-in office, glanced sideways and got an eyeful of the floorshow.

God, but she was gorgeous – especially when she was on fire with indignation. Her cheeks were flushed pink and her eyes flashed hazel sparks at him. The stunning bronze-red bob hairstyle was in wild disarray, while determined hands jammed down firmly on nicely rounded hips. The short silk and lace slip she wore underneath the ugly dinosaur suit barely held her full breasts in place. And the garter and stockings were raising his body temperature. He shifted uncomfortably.

“Quit? I can and just did. You don’t need me.”

“No one makes my coffee the way you do. Who’ll bring me a fresh shirt and brush the fluff off my jacket if I need it?”

“Hire someone else Mr Winstone. I’m out of here.”

“Don’t go like this Meg. Please. I know the board loved the presentation. Said it was the best ad idea to date.”

Meg grabbed her coat from the coat stand and gathered the discarded dinosaur suit and her briefcase. “Precisely. Your bloody idea? My big toe it was!”

“Okay. So I haven’t been fair in certain areas.” Her coat was flapping open, distracting him; a wide expanse of semi-naked thigh and long leg visible. He tried not to ogle as he stood and walked around the desk. Should he do something more physical to keep her here? He didn’t know if restraining her at this very moment was a good idea or not? He sat on the edge of the desk instead.

“That’s an understatement and you know it. I’m definitely off. For good this time.”

Her coat flapped again as she turned. “Meg, please, no…” He’d often wondered how long it would take to get her onto the leather couch and do what he’d always wanted to do – after work naturally, and not within anyone else’s hearing. A long weekend was a good idea. And seeing her practically naked in front of him had the vision flashing forward again and again until it stayed stuck, like a neon sign which had been wired into the ‘on’ position permanently. A naked Meg and him on the brown leather couch. Ye Gods he wanted it. He wanted her. And right now!

“Aren’t you gonna do that coat up before you go?”

“Why? I’m perfectly decent.”

“Decent for what exactly I wonder.”

“Oh don’t go getting all fresh and cute on me now. Just because I’ve finally had enough of your bullshit and have quit you want to scruff me on the leather couch as a parting gesture. And don’t you deny it. I know how your mind works Billy Winstone. In the gutter. Well, not today. I’ll email you my resignation by the end of business today. You can send my severance and holiday pay directly to the bank.” She put her nose in the air and waited for his response.

He had to calm himself and think rationally, “You have to work out your notice. You can’t just quit and walk away.” A last ditch desperate effort on his part to retain the services of the best secretary he’d ever had or would likely ever have again. Next to grovelling at her feet he didn’t know what else to do – not yet anyway.

“Can’t I? You just watch me walk.”

With that she flapped out of the office, leaving the office door wide open. A few co-workers turned to stare, first at her, then at him; they all offered broad grins. Tom Hart yelled across the hallway, “She quit again, huh?”

William had the sinking feeling he’d blown it with her, for good this time. But maybe this time he deserved it.



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