2015 has arrived with loads of optimism from me!


I’ve got a meeting tomorrow with the professional photographer that shot the photographs for my latest ‘draft’ feature article.

Will go over to her home (about an hour away) to view the snaps. Then will work at cutting or adding to my text as required. Have queried an editor (of one of NZ most prestigious ‘Lifestyle’ magazines) and while they are not promising to take the article, they are willing to ‘have a look at it’. I can’t ask for more than that and am very grateful to have got that far. They have a stable of excellent writers and photographers (who all do beautiful, top quality, work). And obviously they have a very high standard to maintain (rightly so!) I hope this latest work will be up to their standard!

So my fingers are crossed people! This particular feature article has been on the drawing board for almost 18 months (first germ of idea started in June 2013). Due to some major health issues I had to take a fairly long time-out from writing and life basically. But I am 100% awesome again. And feel very blessed and grateful to be getting a second chance with this same editor and magazine (I originally queried them in Sept 2013 with a snippet of my first draft). Will keep you posted.

Christmas 2014 and New Year 2015 came and went! All was absolutely spot on as far as I was concerned. Exactly what I needed. To be with ‘real’ people. Loving people who I don’t have to be anything other than myself with. I am 168 days sober today as well. How did that happen! Pretty damn pleased with myself on that score. This year is going to be a seriously good one for so many reasons and for so many of us….. Hello to all my extraordinary friends on the LS site. You’re amazingly courageous people and I love reading your posts and blogs! Enjoy 2015. Enjoy your new sober life! I’m loving mine!


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