A summer Christmas in Kiwi-land is an experience to be had for sure!

It’s been over a month since I lasted posted! Crikey-Dickens! All good stuff has been happening for me. Including mega writing. I achieved my major writing goal for the year (NanoWriMo) – the first draft of a new novel (minimum of 50,000 words) written in the month of November. I had 50k done by the 20th of Nov. Which was just as well. There were several family/friends events on the calendar between then and now. By the end of Nov I had just over 54k! Pretty damn happy with that. And itching to get to the next draft!

My amazing mother turned 75 on the 12th of Nov and I went into double-digits with the number ‘5’ on the 23rd. A small family group had an incredible few days celebrating with some tourist-like excursions. The Chateau for a luxury night including High Tea and a flash evening of dinner and nice frocks! The River and Rails Tour with Forgotten World Adventures was next – fabulous day out. Mum absolutely loved the whole thing. And a final birthday dinner at Piopio’s best kept secret – The Night Owl Bar and Eatery. My goodness if you are passing through Piopio on state Highway 3, on the road to the Naki, then make a point of stopping in for a meal or a Tapas type snack! Absolutely amazing food and service. Open from 3-00 pm Wed-Sun. Bookings are fairly essential this time of year. But you could get lucky! I was also fortunate enough to be back there last week for my tri-monthly women’s group Christmas dinner. It was sumptuous. A smorgasbord of delectable delights!

So things are now on the wind down towards Christmas for us – one more community Christmas party at ‘our local’ and that’s us folks. Christmas Day will be calm and relaxing. No stress. No big un-necessary dramas. An easy shared pot-luck Christmas meal is planned with family. We’re doing a ‘pressie swap’ price limit of $20 and everyone only has to buy one thing! Have done this before and it works well. It’s a bit of fun…

The best bit about a summer Christmas in Kiwi-Land is the day and food can be anything you like; picnic style at the park or lake or beach, BBQ and salads in the garden or on the front terrace with family and friends. Throw in a few extra goodies and that’s Christmas Day done! It’s usually hot.And has been in the mid-twenties here already. It could also rain (and it has previously) one year we had our family BBQ Christmas dinner in the garage – complete with decorations and extra festive fare; the outdoor furniture and picnic umbrella included!

This time of the year can be uncommonly stressful for many people. The way to ease that stress is to work out what is really important. Simple things work for me these days (being healthy and happy, enjoying the sunset or sunrise, the formations of clouds or rocks….you get the idea…). And generally you will find it isn’t about how much money is spent or not spent or who gets what – it’s about being with someone that cares about you – whether it’s family or close friends old friends/new friends – it doesn’t matter.

Keep the boozing to a minimum. The drinkers usually cause more chaos/drama than is necessary and if you don’t drink (like me these days) then you can leave when the boozers become too obnoxious!


PS – This year has been one of massive changes (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) for me. All of them good. And I am very grateful every day for those I have close to me and in my world. Remember to give out those little grateful thoughts – because you will find that even more good stuff comes back to you!

I gave up coffee & alcohol
I started a regular meditation routine
I’m thinking about adding Yoga for next year
I’ve finally started taking care of me!


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