The plan goes awry

How is your friend doing? How are you coping now too?

Ruffie Goes Sober

So, my plan has turned to shit. Out of nowhere came a curve ball, I didn’t see it, never expected it but it came all the same!

My best friend has been diagnosed with liver cancer and things look very grim.

Shattered, confused, so many questions rolling around in my head. Why? How? Where to from here?

This is my first experience close hand with someone I really care about and quite frankly it really knocked me. I wanted to get plastered that night and forget about everything for at least a little while, to gather my thoughts. But after 100 days under my belt, thankfully I understood all too well that this was not the answer nor would it change anything for him or for me.

I have been moping around for the past 2 weeks trying to make sense of it all. My life has been put on…

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