14,000 words into my new novel!

Been busy as here. No posts since Oct 9! How did that happen? Life. Writing. Life. All good stuff.

Last Friday saw me heading to my annual RWNZ (romance writers of NZ) Christmas Retreat, held again at Paradise Valley Lodge just out of Rotorua. What a fabulous time we had. Huge workshop on Saturday arvo. Great to catch up with all the other writers there too. And next year will be our 5th anniversary retreat here. Time flies.

But the weekend biggie was starting Nanowrimo for real on the 1st of Nov. I’ve made a fair ole fist of the new book. Now titled ‘The Right Man for Zara’. Am pretty damn pleased with this first dirty/rough draft – so far. There is a definite story emerging. I’m a ‘pantster’ on this one and it is fairly well just humming out of me. I’m well ahead on my daily word count so am ‘banking’ extra words for when I have to have a day away from the keyboard. Which you inevitably do, cos that’s just life.

Have you started your novel yet, RuffieDude? Hopefully it is rattling around in your head; along with memories of your recent trip to San Fran and all the other good stuff that is going on for you.

My Pearler Quote for the day: Don’t let your life or special dreams pass by without at least trying on one or more ‘new hats’!


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