Hugely successful last 10 days had by ‘moi’!

Last week saw me meeting with a photographer to collaborate on my current wip – freelance article. All good there. Annie has already sent me a list of what she thinks will fit perfectly with my words for the article. I told her to use her creative genius and do what she thought! And her suggestions fit beautifully with my words.

And then after that meeting I spent two nights away in a motel and had one big day at a website building workshop – that went pretty damn well too. We used the freebie website thru – There are many others. But this one worked out perfectly for our needs. And did I mention it was FREE! And so easy to build.

So I had two amazing days with two other writers and we helped some friends ‘go live’ with the website we’d helped construct over the past month or two. The PA, Jules, is ‘running with it’ and is now a total ‘website whizz’! Go Jules!

Check it out. If you are ever in the King Country area and want to stay overnight I totally recommend this place! Plus the Fat Pigeon café just down the road, and the Night Owl bar and eatery right next door to the motel – see the website (they all have their own page). The menus are posted on the website too.

Hope you are having a really productive week too? Nanowrimo is just around the corner for me and Zara is calling out my name…….


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