Learning new stuff…

Busy week coming up for moi. Got an interview with a photographer; with a view to her doing the glossy photos for my latest non-fiction article. Pretty excited about that. Hoping she’ll be up for it (my intention is to split sale proceeds equally with her). I do have pretty good photos already but the magazine I’m targeting is NZ high profile and the photos have to be top quality. So fingers are crossed for that.

And then I have a two day computer course on website building and blogging and other SM stuff. Will be away till Friday.

On the ‘no drinking coffee front’ the lass that made my Soy Chai Latte on Saturday forgot to leave out the shot of caffeine! By the time I realised I was in the car wash (not literally – but the foam was all over my car) so what’s a girl to do with a $4.90 latte but drink the damn thing! It’s still all good on ‘the no booze front’ though. Proud of myself here because last night our niece came to stay – she had just been proposed to the day before – and had a happy smiley face and a gorgeous wee (read as expensive) ring to show us! We’re thrilled to bits for them both. Long engagement coming up. 2 years. She’s like our daughter. Anyway, out came the most fancy glasses (ornate colourful enamelled beauties) and the bubbles for her and Uncle – I had lemon, lime and bitters with extra soda. And I swear I felt tipsy after the first glass – that’s what euphoria does for ya! DRUNK ON LIFE AND PURE HAPPINESS!


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