A new novel is beginning to emerge…

Well…. and my, my, and goodness me! Out of the dross rattling around in my head something had me sit down and start writing a new novel yesterday. Surprised? Yep; me too. Anyway, have done 2255 words. Good start. Secondary characters are a bit murky still – apart from one. Cos I’m a bit of ‘a panster’ I do know the setting, the main character, the basic background personal information but not much else. So definitely need to do some planning now. At least work out some deeper history for my heroine – Zara Cameron. Basically she is a somewhat jaded woman of almost forty with no ties – no children, no pets – she has money and not much else at this point. She’s also been screwed over one too many times by men. Her ex-husband being the last one in a short line. She isn’t a slapper. She just chooses the wrong guys.

excerpt from latest wip – unedited. Untitled.

Zara waved to the driver then stood with her back to the removal van as she listened to it grind its gears slowly down her newly paved driveway. Drawing in a ragged breath, she looked at her brand new ‘bricks and mortar’ home. “Now what?” She took several steps toward the outdoor decked area that ran around three sides of the house; the indoor-outdoor flow was what everyone, especially families and young couples who entertained a lot, wanted these days. She didn’t fit either category.

The stunning and expansive sea view beyond the decked area should have filled her with joy; this was her second new home within the last five years, and she felt nothing. Zilch. There should have been excitement at the very least. Pride? Anticipation? Logically there was no reason for her to be prideful of the finished results here. This wasn’t her dream. It was someone else’s initially.

“Hello there. Hi new neighbour! Yoohooo…” a woman’s slightly high-pitched voice came to her from behind and across the grey cobble-stoned area at the top of her drive. As she turned towards the voice calling through the slated wooden fence, separating her property from next door, her first thought was, ‘For effing goodness sake’ surely the nosy-parker neighbours could let her move in properly before assaulting her senses and ears?


6 thoughts on “A new novel is beginning to emerge…

  1. Hi CG! Zara definitely sounds like a woman in need of some romance in her life. Hope you give it to her in spades. Looking forward to more about this one!


  2. Hi Gaylene, I finally got around to checking out your blog properly. ( Full on week!)
    This is a great tease from the novel. Good stuff!
    I’m inspired to get my A into G and start a writing project. Thank you!
    I look forward to Zara’s journey.


    1. You just gotta start, Ruffiedude. What are you in to? Sci-fi? Horror? Suspence? We’ve got two men in our writing group – RWNZ. Only joined in the last couple of years. They keep coming to the meetings. So guess it must be working for them, If I can help let me know, okay?


  3. Yep – let those story/character ideas percolate in your brain buddy! I usually start with a character – mostly male – and make up his life story. Story setting. Driving issues. Family secrets. Hidden shit. This latest story is different for me. The female lead character is strongest at present. Good to switch things up. Sometimes I plan the whole story and sometimes I fly by the seat of my pants. It’s all fun! I am fairly sure Zara is going to have some serious issues with alcohol… Or maybe the other lead character (male) is going to, or have had. Not totally clear at the moment. But it will emerge as time goes by.


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