Is it necessary for me to run two blogs……I ask myself this from time to time

Hi everyone out in cyberzooland,

How’s everything going in your part of the world? All good hopefully? It’s been a highly productive writer’s week for me. I’ve just posted more fully on my other blog site. So now I’m wondering if I need to do both? I sort of had this plan of keeping myself accountable on one site and putting up actual writing on the other.

Thanks to gaining ‘Opinionated Man’ as a reader recently I got an attack of the ‘ta-ta’s’. But in a good way. OMG; the shock of it made me sit up straight and really take a good long look at what I was wanting to achieve out of Social Media (how much of it do I need to do), writing in all its varied forms (non-fiction and fiction – I figured I’ll give them both my continued best-shot) and ‘life’ in general really….. so thanks for that ‘O M’.

And to my loyal writing buddies/critique partners – your support (in so many ways) is always valued. I’m very grateful for you, to you, on a daily basis too.

I know some of us have struggled in the past (to find the space and time) and some are currently struggling with finding the time to write. Do your blogs people! If nothing else, do something small each week. Keep it current. But above all ‘KEEP IT REGULAR’ I include this shout-out’ to myself here too.

blessings to you all for the coming week

P.S. I’ve registered for NANOWRIMO! Now, that is really making myself accountable; no longer just a thought! It’s had some action to back it up. And the idea for new characters, a cool setting and a storyline are beginning to grow…….

And my ‘big deal’ this week was indeed keeping the appointment with the lady I’m currently writing an article about. This was a top day! Enough information and photos to finish the article strongly and with a flourish!

If you haven’t already, check out my other blog.


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