Follow-up appointment has been made with regard to the latest feature article in progress…..

I’ve booked an appointment time for next Tuesday (5th of August 2014) to meet interviewee, and finalise the photographs and details of, what I hope will be an ‘acceptable for publication’ feature article; one I started last October – 2013! Progress on all writing has been delayed for various reasons; all of which are now dealt with! For which I am very grateful. Will keep you posted on where the feature article ends up being placed. Options are; Life and Leisure, Next, North & South…..any others are yet to come to mind.

I am also planning on writing a new contemporary work of fiction; so NANOWRIMO is a distinct possibility for my future too. NANOWRIMO is the vehicle some writers use to get down the first 50k of a new book in the month of November; this ‘fast draft’ is also known as ‘the dirty draft’. There is no polishing of the manuscript as you go along. There is a daily word target to be met. So, you basically ‘go-hell-for-leather’ and blat-out the bones of a new story. All 50,000 words of it!

Will keep you up to date on progress with all of the above!


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