Still pondering the merits of having two blogs…..

How are writers made? Who’s the writer in your family? Is it the one that talks the most? Look at the one that says very little; watches from the side-lines, studies the dynamics and by-plays going on in the house-hold. That’s most likely your writer!

The best way to become a writer is by doing it! As I’ve discovered. Very recently I wondered if I was ever going to be able to achieve any self-satisfaction with my writing work (notice I didn’t say financial wealth – but its early days – that will come eventually too). And I can honestly say, YES, I’ve found my measure of peace and what makes me happy. The fact that I know now that I can be diverse in my genre choices has opened up so many more possibilities for me. Currently, I’m working on some creative non-fiction (an article for a glossy mag with some luck). But I also have the outline done for two fiction stories, as well. What’s that old clichĂ©d saying? You know the one I mean, ‘Variety’ is the spice of life – there was never a more truer statement made!

‘Variety’ and ‘balance’ is what a ‘happy and contented life’ is all about!


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