Can you give yourself permission to ‘not’ be available?

We seem to be constantly bombarded with more and more demands on our time and energy. For some of us ‘the balance’ towards a more healthy lifestyle has shifted. Can we do anything to change it? You betcha! First off, we need to look at what we are eating & drinking. And how we are doing it. Are we always having meals on the run? ‘Quick’ seems to be easy and best; why is that? And is it best? I don’t think it is. And more and more people are waking up to this fact. If you want overall body harmony and balance look at your nutritional ‘needs’ first. Not wants. Not time-savers. But needs. One thing we do need is a clean and toxic-free environment to function happily; exterior and interior body needs to work in tandem. We can do ‘stuff’ to help ourselves. Recently I’ve come across a book titled ‘Clean’ by Alexander Junger. This man makes a lot of sense! Google him. Check out his books now available on Amazon. ‘Clean’ and ‘Clean Gut’.

To help us remove some ‘daily-life toxins’ here is my thought for the day:
Have you ever considered the idea of ‘not’ being available; by this I mean don’t do any email or social media in all its many forms (what about not turning on the computer – at all – for one day a week)? We’ve got ourselves into a situation where we feel we need to be ‘connected’ to be of value; which is so not true. What did people do before they had; the telephone, radio, TV, computers? They had ‘quiet time’ or they talked to each other; usually face to face. Give yourself permission to take a mental health day! Try some meditation? Yoga? A walk? Pull a few weeds from the garden?



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