Clearing the clutter….

This means ‘in your mind’ as well as physically in your home and working environment. Even if you have nothing you want to change about yourself; getting rid of outdated thinking and letting go ‘of stuff’ so some new thoughts and experiences can enter, gives us all another chance. As well as the opportunity to try things differently.

Today a very special friend emailed to say her step-son had chosen to take his own life (yes, I mean suicide); somehow his life had become one of sustained emotional pain (and drugs and alcohol were his way of easing it). Of course the time eventually came for him to choose to continue in his downward spiral, or ‘end it now’ and leave this earth….. His Dad is heart-broken and now in a place of unrest himself; and working every hour to clean up the mess his son left by rebuilding the house his son lived in; a house he owns and will sell once the work is complete.

We all have choices in this life. And while I feel very sad for the family…. I feel nothing for the one ‘that chose to leave’. It was afterall ‘his right’ to choose.

Having respect for other people’s choices (no matter what they might be) is not always easy. Most of us have ‘our judgment’; if we could lift the judgment off and set it aside forever; and try to respect another’s ‘freedom to choose for themselves’ wouldn’t that also ‘free us’? I think it might.


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