Are you letting yourself be all you can be?

Or is ‘fear’ holding you back? Do you want to ‘free’ the gifted soul within (YES, I hear you screaming back); be the creative person you’ve felt you always were deep inside; the one you always dreamt you were going to be one day; some day.

That day has arrived!

Have you ever felt ‘stuck’? Not able to move forward? I have for the last 3 or so years. Over ten years ago I stupidly made a vow and when the deadline for that vow came and went without my goals being reached; I shut down. And was unable to move forward. My creative writing urges went into a holding pattern; and I knew I had to do something! But what? And it seems the right answers take time to present themselves. While I was in this holding pattern I read and read. And then read some more. Soul searched. Mind searched. Very recently I got the notion that I needed to visit a ‘colour therapist’. Angela Elvin’s business is run from her home in Pirongia, Waikato – NZ. I’ve had two ‘colour therapy’ sessions (a new modality for me) with her. And I can honestly say I have never before felt so in charge of my own destiny; not quite like I do right now. Right this minute! It’s early days. Only 14 in fact, since I first went to visit Angela. And my second (follow-up) session was yesterday. For the first time ever I know that it is perfectly okay for me to be me. My direction, plus everything I say or do, in this life, is MY CHOICE.


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