So here I am, ‘the writer’ is back….March 2013

November 2012 saw me challenged with the whole ‘Nanowrimo’ thing. Nanonutz. There were several 100,000 writers from around the world doing exactly as I was doing. Writing on a daily basis to complete the word count. Task success! 50100 words were written on the first draft of a new novel. Then I gave myself permission to have 3 months off from my writing in all its various forms.

Christmas came and went. All sorts of social intercourse! And fun. Plus lots of reading and research.

January came and went. Crazy busy. Fun too. Trips away.

February came and now has gone too. More fun stuff. An amazing trip on ‘the railcarts’ booked through ‘the forgotten world adventures company’. Fantastic day. During the last couple of months I have re-evaluated my life-goals and friendships. Some soul-searching. And realignment of my spiritual values and personal integrity. Feels good to be back in charge of ‘myself’.

March is now here and my ‘3 months leave’ from writing is over. Am well and truly ready to get my nose back in to all writing tasks. Since the beginning of the month I’ve started to work on the second draft of my Nanowrimo story. Going well. Also have entries for RWNZ annual short story competition on the go. 2 or 3 this time. And I also completed an on-line workshop which was awesome. Have hardcopy notes to follow up on – the subject matter was Deep Story; Carol Hughes the tutor. Amazing woman. Insights into the deeper levels you need to go to within ‘the story’.

So ‘the writer’ is definitely back……


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